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The Continental Generation 3 Bus Tires are intorduced. The ContiLifeCycle plant in Habover is established as world’s first fully intergrated plant for hot retreading tires and rubber recycling.      

Founded in 2002, Fortune Import Export Company Limited has rapidly developed into a professional import and distribute multi-industry with three main business lines: flat-rolled aluminum, cellulose fiber cement brand SHERA- Thailand ...

Maintenance and care of truck tyres – repair, inflation, tread depth and storage


Truck tyre components and their functions


Component Material Function

(1) Tread strip

Rubber compound The tread strip must provide high wear resistance and good grip under all road conditions. Sometimes the tread strip consists of two different materials (cap and base). In that case, the base minimizes tread temperature and rolling resistance.
(2) Multi-ply steel belt Steel cords embedded in
Enhances driving stability, reduces rolling resistance and gives the tyre its long service life. Restricts casing growth and increases the tyre’s structural strength.
(3) Steel casing Steel cord Gives the tyre structural strength and deflection characteristics, substantially enhances driving comfort.
(4) Inner liner Rubber compound Prevents diffusion of air and moisture in tubeless
(5) Sidewall Rubber compound Protects from lateral scuffing and the effects of
(6) Bead reinforcement Nylon, aramide, steel cord Secures the end of the steel cord ply to the
bead core. Reinforces the bead against high
shear forces.
(7) Bead core Steel wire embedded in
Ensures firm fit of the tyre to the rim.

Materials that go into a truck tyre

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