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The Continental Generation 3 Bus Tires are intorduced. The ContiLifeCycle plant in Habover is established as world’s first fully intergrated plant for hot retreading tires and rubber recycling.      

Founded in 2002, Fortune Import Export Company Limited has rapidly developed into a professional import and distribute multi-industry with three main business lines: flat-rolled aluminum, cellulose fiber cement brand SHERA- Thailand ...

To Run Flat, or Not to Run Flat, That is the Question

It’s a common question when looking for a tire, should I get a run flat tire or not?

We’ve all been in that situation - stuck on the side of the road with a tire puncture. You need to change the tire or wait for someone to come help you or worse, wait on a tow truck. Today’s run flat technology helps alleviate this dilemma by allowing you to drive at least 50 miles on a punctured tire so you can safely get off the road and/or to a repair shop. And today’s run flat tires are much more comfortable to ride on, more cost effective and fit just about any vehicle.

While the skill of changing a tire is always handy, the convenience of a run flat cannot be denied. However, conventional tires are typically lower in cost and have better ride qualities. That said, Scotty Reiss, of, tested a set of Continental run flat tires and states, “These run flats will change your life. Really.” In her Continental Tire review, Reiss, a journalist, jewelry maker and Mom, gives a first-hand perspective at how run flat tires handled in the snow and through pothole season.

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