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We will help you choose the right tires. Our tires always through quality checking process of safety, durability and other technical requirements.
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The Continental Generation 3 Bus Tires are intorduced. The ContiLifeCycle plant in Habover is established as world’s first fully intergrated plant for hot retreading tires and rubber recycling.      

Founded in 2002, Fortune Import Export Company Limited has rapidly developed into a professional import and distribute multi-industry with three main business lines: flat-rolled aluminum, cellulose fiber cement brand SHERA- Thailand ...

Truck Tires Construction

Whatever the grounds we have the right tire.

Continental Truck Tires – first-class economy thanks to tires optimised for every application.

Each year construction vehicles carry more than 75,000 times the weight of the Empire state building.
But in doing so, the approximate 750 million kilometres* they cover are, unlike Fifth Avenue by no means on
tarmac roads only. As soon as the vehicles go on site, they have to drive over stony, rocky, muddy or sandy
ground i.e. ground that places the toughest demands on their tires, ground that changes with the weather and
is therefore completely unpredictable. In site logistics, though reliability is crucial.

That is why Continental Truck Tires offer the greatest flexibility in all circumstances – with extra performance
reserves to handle maximum strain under tough loading conditions, providing optimum traction even in harsh
off-road conditions. On public roads – they offer driving characteristics that equal those of road tires in terms of
handling and mileage performance. In short, these add up to the most beneficial reason of all – the improved
overall economy of vehicles operating both on and off your site.

*466 million miles

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