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The Continental Generation 3 Bus Tires are intorduced. The ContiLifeCycle plant in Habover is established as world’s first fully intergrated plant for hot retreading tires and rubber recycling.      

Founded in 2002, Fortune Import Export Company Limited has rapidly developed into a professional import and distribute multi-industry with three main business lines: flat-rolled aluminum, cellulose fiber cement brand SHERA- Thailand ...

LSR 1+

  • Models: LSR 1+
  • Brand: Continental
  • Kind: General Cargo Parcel
  • Type: Steer - all axle
  • Guarantee:
LSR 1+
  • General infomation
  • Technical infomation
  • High tread volume (tread width and depth).
  • Even tread wear with good grip when steering, braking and accelerating.
  • Less rolling resistance with optimized compound.
  • Well-proven steel cord bead for ideal rim fitment and reduced sidewall deformation.
  • Triangular belt for even tread wear and long durability.
  • Air-Keep inner liner for long lasting optimal inflation pressure.


Regional application
Steer or all position
Ice Transport, General Cargo, Parcel

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